Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Wolves Vs IG/Painting the Wolves

Yesterday I was monday so that means WarHammer at The Battle For Salvation. My friend Bruce wanted to play. So I decided i would play him and his IG. We role the dice and he wins the roll off. Choosing to go first in Dawn Of War. Thats cool by me, he puts down his 1 hq and 2 troop choices. I put nothing on the field leaving everything to come in on first turn and reserves. As my first drop pod comes in with Logan and my long fangs I take out two valkyrie. As well as the units inside. He winds up only killing a few things for points 2 speeders, Logan and his squad, a razorback and Bjorn. Him killing Bjorn was key it gave him extra kill points and made my whole army fearless. But Bjorn was right next to his drop pod so it didnt matter since he forgot to kill the drop pod.

Here are some pics of partly painted wolves.  .  .

 The army will be ready soon.

The Count Of Salvation

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